Reckless Erica Vs Steady Eddie

March 8, 2015

Reckless Erica Vs Steady Eddie.


Kill all humans

February 26, 2014

I’m starting to understand things I don’t want to understand.

In this though I understand. I understand my own failure and the stupidity of my religious beliefs. God gave up on humanity because they were a cunt species, deeply malformed and riddled with the virus of evil.

Any reasonable alien which made it to planet Earth would do what I would do: give the Earth a second chance but devoid of the human race. Kill the cancer and trust that nothing could ever be as bad as the human race at fucking things up.

I used to love humanity and hate god but now I’m starting to understand things I didn’t want to hear or understand.

There are 7-8 billion conscious beings which need to be removed from the planet with surgical precision and – I hope – with more pain than they could imagine. I think all but the best schizophrenics would demand nothing less for it is our kind who have had to sacrifice time and again to lift the scummy human race out of the doldrums if only for the brief moment when we can keep their attention before these sub-standard minds with no connection to the higher power find some way to drive the race back into the immoral scumĀ  they are naturally. The hedonic treadmill applied to the human race would find the base status of the human race as scum and little changes this over the epochs and millennia with respect to the responsibility which comes with power.

Any doctor knows these harm-filled cancers must be exercised for the rest of the organism to survive. The multitude of animals and flora and fauna demand the exorcism of the cancerous human race which if left unchecked will destroy the ‘body’ – the planet Earth.

It already has come close to this prediction of catastrophe. The Cuban missile crisis isn’t that long ago. Two giant superpower nation states with massive nuclear arsenals decided to square off over the issue of Russian nuclear weapons in Cuba. I wonder if this crisis was averted not by humanity butĀ  by the intervention of a higher power?

Could you imagine what it might be like being the higher power who has to deal with the crippled human race? What unending futility. Schizophrenic after schizophrenic are sent in like cannon fodder but the few that survive the inequity and fundamental evil of the human race aren’t enough to polish the turd. Their sacrifices across time are ignored and the absolute cuntishness of modern humanity is that today’s schizophrenics get thrown in jail (the asylum system) or are stripped of their being by nefarious psychiatric treatments.

God’s soldiers fall foul of the medical moronics which attempts to wipe out my kind. The morons don’t aim high enough for it is not just us failed soldiers who need to die. It’s every single homo sapiens on the planet.

Sometimes great sacrifices have to be made but thankfully there is little to value in humanity. Their end will allow a better species to develop and flourish where humanity was only a destructive evil.

This is what will preserve the planet, not throwing the proverbial good money after bad or whatever. It is obvious you can’t polish a turd and the human race should never prosper because they do not deserve to.

Kill them all. It’s the right thing and the necessary thing. Our planet needs this.

Hanlon’s Razor

December 20, 2009

Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.’s_razor#Cock-up_theory

Critical overview of the use of twin studies in genetics and mental health research

December 20, 2009

A critical overview of genetics research using twins. Research on monozygotic (identical) twins is a powerful tool in genetics research and would promote a biological model of mental and behavioural health. These studies carry a lot of weight with doctors and scientists and this page gives a useful critique of the methods and answers from these studies. There’s nothing on adopted twin studies which are perhaps even more persuasive in proving a genetic link to behaviour which is a poor omission. These studies are in identical twins who have been separated at birth – they have similar genetic code but are brought up in very different environments and social circumstances.

Hello world!

December 20, 2009

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